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Mathscify News

Welcome to our news page. Stay informed about the latest developments, events, and stories shaping Mathscify world. Bookmark our news page and check back regularly for the latest updates, insights, and perspectives on Maths & Science. 

Seminar 9 - Assessment and Problem-Solving in Numeracy

A girls try to solving a problem
The image shows from left to right Lorraine Geraldine Shauna

Free Online Seminar: Assessment and Problem Solving in Numeracy

Use of Mathematical Picture Books to Engage Children

The image shows a open book on a wood table
A student doing his homework

Interview with RTÉ on the Topic of Homework

Teaching Profession Project

The image shows from left to right Shauna, Geraldine and Lorraine
The image shows a teacher tell a story in the class

Innovative mathematical storytelling initiative in Irish Medium Education schools

Irish Mathematics Teachers’ Association annual conference

The image shows a teacher in front her class
The picture shows Lorraine in the teching council awards ceremony

Teaching Council Awards Ceremony

Fighting Words Workshop

The image shows few students having a discussion
The image shows two students in science week

Science Week 2023

2023 Education Consultative Conference

The image shows teachers in a conference
The image shows colourful dices coming out of an ice cream cone

Launch of Mathscify

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