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Seminar 9 - Assessment and Problem-Solving in Numeracy

St Mary’s University College Teaching Profession Project

Geraldine Parks, Senior Lecturer in Education at St Mary’s University College, chairs a discussion on ‘Assessment and Problem Solving in Numeracy’. Geraldine is joined by panel members: Dr Lorraine Harbison, Dublin City University (DCU); and Dr Shauna McGill, Ulster University (UU).


In this seminar, Dr Lorraine Harbison from DCU, Dr Shauna McGill from UU and Geraldine Parks from St Mary's University College discuss the topics of problem-solving and assessment in Mathematics. In addition to providing an explanation of what problem-solving is and why we need to teach it, the discussion will address the issue of assessment and present an overview of the toolkit.

Panel members:

Dr Lorraine Harbison is an Associate Professor in Mathematics Education in the School of STEM Education, Innovation and Global Studies at the Institute of Education, Dublin City University. She has a particular interest in researching innovative teaching pedagogies to foster mathematical understanding

Dr Shauna McGill is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Education in Ulster University. Her research interests lie within Teacher Education and STEM Learning. 


Geraldine Parks is a Senior Lecturer in Numeracy at St Mary’s University College Belfast. Her area of research interest is in Maths anxiety and ways to overcome it. 

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