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Applying and Problem-solving

Measuring - I wonder - Student 

We are looking at mathematics in everyday contexts. What you are required to do is:

  1. Think about the mathematics that you see around you. This can be in the classroom, in the school, or beyond.

  2. Capture something that you notice that interests you. You can record this by drawing, writing, or taking an image, etc. 

  3. Ask a question about what you captured. So, for example, it could be a simple question “How high is this step?” or it may be a more complex question such as “How many cm high is the flight of stairs?”

  4. List at least one possible solution to your question

  5. Take a guess at what other solutions your classmates might find. 

  6. Share/Talk about your work and let your classmates give it a go. Are they similar to yours?

  7. Can you solve one of your classmates' problems/questions?

  8. Create a poster from your work and display it with the possible solutions in the classroom.

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